BookSmarts Tax & Accounting Services, CPA in Monroeville, PA

BookSmarts™ is unique — both New and experienced. What began more than 20 years ago as a seasonal tax return service specializing in electronic tax filing – called TaxTech™ – has now evolved into a year-round small business monthly accounting, payroll, bookkeeping and tax service that specializes in the only bottom line that matters: Your business. And our heritage of leveraging technology is well intact — that’s what helps us provide a great service at competitive prices. Our unique Small Business-oriented Mission, Vision and Values ensures that nobody can do what we do.

We’re different from our competitors – we don’t want to train you to do your own accounting with Quickbooks and then check it once a year like most local accountants. BookSmarts professionals will do your bookkeeping every month to ensure that there are no surprises and to save you the time you need to do concentrate on what you do best — running a business. And that kind of peace of mind makes a huge difference. Other differences you’ll appreciate:

We SPECIALIZE in small business – there’s nothing a small business owner needs that we don’t do.
Every BookSmarts location is staffed with experienced, trained professionals who are trained not only in bookkeeping and payroll, but also all kinds of personal and business taxes.
Every BookSmarts location is owned and operated by an experienced professional dedicated to the community. We want our customers to know that we are a part of the neighborhood – living and working right along side them.


We assist clients with their bookkeeping by using electronic communications and data transfer. Payrolls are processed, checks are direct deposited, and government payments are electronically processed. We prepare and file tax returns electronically. The majority of our files and source documents are stored electronically. We communicate electronically, both internally and externally, from any location.

We use state-of-the art computer software to measure our effectiveness, produce our products and ensure that a consistent process is applied to client work. We stay up to date with our continuing professional education courses and encourage all of our team members to pursue the IRS Enrolled Agent designation


We offer the highest level of tax, bookkeeping and payroll services possible at a reasonable price. We use engagement letters to provide a professional level of communication detailing the service we will perform and the total cost to anticipate.

We charge a flat fee for our recurring monthly services. Our flat fee service drives innovation and creativity by forcing our systems and people to consistently be looking for opportunities to optimize. The entire community benefits when a quality product is produced beyond customer expectations.

“BookSmarts meets all the financial need of a Small Business
BookSmarts is driven to succeed in the small business arena, I like their approach and philosophy of being the total package for their customers, they meet all the financial needs of a small business owner.”
– Kristina Rugh

3824 Northern Pike
Suite 815
Monroeville, PA 15146
Telephone: (412) 881-0892


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