Charles P. King, CPA in Boston, MA

Charles P. King’s firm focuses on and specializes in the tax and accounting needs of businesses, be they small or large, corporate, partnership or LLC. He serves clients throughout the Greater Boston area.

Charles works personally with each client to provide individualized solutions to their tax and accounting needs. He has extensive experience working across a broad spectrum of clients, including self-employed individuals, service industries, restaurants, and commercial and residential property owners.

During your first meeting with Charles, he will take the time to learn about your tax and financial situation, as well as your life and goals. Right away you will realize that he is willing to go the extra mile. Although he is a proficient number-cruncher, it’s the people he enjoys the most, and it shows in his personal attention to each client’s needs. He has helped clients reach numerous goals, including opening a new business, increasing profitability, saving for a new home and reducing their debt load. He takes a personal stake and pride in the success of his clients.

Charles has 24 years of experience working with businesses and individual clients. He achieved a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from Bentley College while working in the U.S. Postal Service. He received his CPA certificate while working at two different firms and followed that by aligning with the well-respected Boston firm of Harvey B. Silverman CPA.

When away from numbers, Charles focuses on his loving family including his beloved wife, three children and four grandchildren. He is a former Selectman in the town he resides, a military veteran, and a member of the AICPA, the MSCPA, and numerous civic clubs.

If there is any time remaining, Charles enjoys reading, language appreciation, movies, photography and playing basketball.

334-A Massachusetts Avenue,
Boston, MA 02115
Tel: 617-266-5117
Fax: 617-424-8991


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