LWBJ, CPA in West Des Moines, IA

LWBJ is one of the Midwest’s leading CPA, business advisory and M&A firms. We deliver a broad range of tax, accounting, consulting and investment banking capabilities to serve businesses and individuals.

Our partners bring a wealth of Big Four experience to the table, as well as direct, hands-on involvement in all engagements. The entrepreneurial experience of partners and key staff enables us to understand and appreciate the issues facing small- and middle-market businesses and the individuals and families who own them. The continuity of our staff facilitates long, productive client relationships. And the depth of our in-house intellectual capital enables us to provide more timely, responsive client service.

By size, LWBJ ranks in the top one percent of CPA firms, nationwide, and has been honored as a G400 firm by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Our G400 status facilitates direct communication and collaboration with accounting industry leaders and peers, thereby enhancing the services we provide to our clients.

Through the practical experience of our business advisory and investment banking teams, we are well positioned to help clients achieve their goals. We have advised on billions of dollars in transactions. We comfortably collaborate with attorneys, bankers, CPAs and other trusted client advisors. And we hold ourselves to the highest industry standards.

4200 University Avenue, Suite 410
West Des Moines, IA 50266
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Website: https://www.lwbj.com

Smashing Numbers, CPA in Onawa, IA

You are a small—business owner. You might have a startup, or you might be established. Either way, you have a dream, a desire to make money, and you’ve never felt completely comfortable with your business financials. You’d love clarity on how to look at your numbers and be more profitable.

You probably have a service—based business. You could be a consultant, a coach, a designer, an artist, a speaker, a writer—whatever you do, you probably provide a professional service. You also operate from a high—level of intention. You’re open and appreciative, working not from a place of entitlement (a curse of our times), but from a position of gratitude. You know and like who you are.

Maybe you feel like you need a CPA who’s local. That’s a common feeling. It’s also untrue. Geography is not the point. The true test is a CPA’s suitability and skills.

You might already have a CPA—but does that CPA take you seriously? Does your CPA even understand your business? It might sound odd, but it happens all the time. It can also impact you adversely—especially if you have an online business. The sad truth? Beyond plugging in the numbers, a lot of CPAs don’t think deeper than what they’re doing. We have some clients whose businesses are doing over $1 million a year out of their homes—and their old CPAs were letting money stream to their taxes like water through your fingers.

You take your business seriously. So do we. You might feel like you’re not getting the attention you need from your financial professional. You may have no tax planning. We fix that to help you grow.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the United States. You have a phone. You have internet. We can talk. We can email. We can skype. When you work with us, it really isn’t any different than working with someone local.

There’s a good chance you’re doing exactly what you’ve always wanted to do. So are we. Do you want to do what you’re doing better than you’re doing it? Do you want to earn more, and keep more of what you earn? Together, we can make that happen.

Megha Rodriguez
Maddie and team keep me on track and help me leverage my financial resources.
Megha Rodriguez, Social Media Strategist

900 Iowa Ave
51040 Onawa, Iowa
Phone: (712) 423-2022
Email: maddie@smashingnumbers.com
Website: http://smashingnumbers.com/