Leone Holden, LLC, CPA in Phoenix, OR

Leone Holden – Certified Public Accountant, LLC, located in Phoenix, OR, is a full-service, tax preparation, and accounting firm focusing on small business and personal IRS taxation. We provide individual tax preparation with the personalization that software packages can’t. We keep up-to-date with the changing tax laws, as well as your changing life events, such as the birth of a child, a new business, new home, or inheritance. As a CPA firm, we adhere to strict ethical standards and codes of professional conduct established by governmental bodies and peer organizations.

We created this website to keep you up-to-date with the latest tax law changes and tax planning strategies. Let us simplify your life! Need a copy of your tax return? Get it fast by accessing your documents anytime with our password secure lockbox. Want the latest tax deadlines delivered to your e-mail box? Sign up for our e-mail client newsletter full of valuable tax planning strategies.

Are you a business owner that is too busy running your business? We have developed a unique system that makes it quick and easy to file your taxes. Whether you live in the next town over, overseas, or simply prefer to work with a CPA remotely, you will find our services are the right fit. We provide the same level of service online that you would receive sitting in our office, and we utilize the most secure methods in transmitting your private information.

At Leone Holden – CPA, LLC we strive to conduct business on three philosophies customer service, caring, and technology. Let us provide you with assistance in your tax, financial, and business affairs — assistance that will improve your total financial well-being.

We aren’t just about number crunching – we go beyond what is expected from a professional accounting firm. Our goals are to provide an unparalleled level of client service and to be responsive and proactive in tax and business planning to help prepare you to meet the challenges ahead.

Tax law changes constantly, so keeping abreast of changes is a top priority. Dissecting the complexities of tax law today requires expertise and we are constantly striving to broaden our knowledge and know what it takes to minimize your tax bill.

It is our policy to personally handle each client, treating every individual with integrity and respect. You will be informed of options so you can decide the best way to move forward.

Leone Holden – Certified Public Accountant, LLC
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Laura L. Williams, CPA, LLC, CPA in Phoenix, AZ

Our company specializes in accounting and tax preparation services for a wide variety of clients. We specialize in:

  • Tax return filing and tax planning for individuals
  • Bookkeeping and financial statements for small businesses
  • Corporate tax return filing

Annual participation in Continuing Professional Education courses offered by local chapters of national accounting and tax associations keeps our firm on the leading edge of ever-changing tax laws and accounting methods.

Computerized offices and internet access ensures clients accurate, efficient, state-of-the-art service at a competitive price.

Visit the Services area of our site to learn more about the many accounting and tax services available to individuals and businesses.

A core specialty is the preparation of tax returns for individual taxpayers. Let us put our expertise to work for you.

Small business tax return preparation and filing instructions is a core service offered to our clients. Whether your company is a C corporation, S Corp, Limited Liability Company, Partnership or Sole Proprietor a properly prepared tax return can be filed to minimize the tax owed. Over the years, 100’s of small business Federal and State tax returns have been prepared for both service and manufacturing company clients.

Tax planning and tax forecasting services for individual and small business clients is a core competency of the firm. Effective tax minimization begins with long-term tax strategizing to establish overall objectives and is maintained with conscientious and consistent annual tax forecasting and mid-year tax planning.

3420 East Shea Blvd., Suite 111
Phoenix, AZ 85028
Phone: 623-414-3201
Fax: 623-414-3202
Email: info@laura-williams-cpa.com
Website: https://www.afsb.net/